Rolling Stones Band 1989 “Steel Wheels Tour” Custom Made Snooker Table

From the Rolling Stones Band “Steel Wheels Tour” is a custom made Snooker table. On the 1989 Steel wheels tour table, which was decorated with names of classic Rolling Stones’ hits, had legs mounted with replicas of John Pasche’s famous 1970 “Tongue and Lips” artwork. Dimensions: Height 33 3/4″ length 151″ width 81″ Atlantic Billiards (American, Atlanta), circa 2002. Rolling Stones custom made snooker table designed by Donald Dukes from the “Forty Licks” tour, used back stage. Table features four lip and tongue logo legs, band of song titles that wrap around the table, and song title colored place holders for corresponding color balls. Accompanied by twenty-two balls. Note: the gentleman in the photo is Mr. Don Dukes who was the owner of Atlantic Billiards and the person in charge of moving the table from place to place during the Rolling Stones Tour. On the side of the table, listed are songs that the group performed during said tour. Additional photos shows Mr. Don Dukes with Mick Jagger, one of the bands members. Removal and transportation by buyer.

Height: 33.75 in. (85.73 cm)
Width: 81 in. (205.74 cm)
Depth: 151 in. (383.54 cm)

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